Factory Add:Zhejiang yiwu of lotus leaf pond industrial zone
Factory Tel:0086-579-85952968 85952644
Fax:0086-579-85953722 85471792
Business Dep:Yiwu fukuda phase ii market H area 21601 north-south thoroughfare on the ground floor
Yiwu fukuda phase ii market H area by connecting number 24018 on the second floor

Tel:0086-579-85161601 85164018
Mobile:13606892256(Mr Liu) 13819957778(Miss Liu) 13777906619(Mr Jin)
QQ:173646095 370826689


The company after 11 years "post" career, product quality has reached the international advanced level entirely. The company special emphasis on product design, based on the original depth of continuing to advance technology diversification, worth endless new products to win customers continue to be appreciated. In particular, the balance of the current ten combinations desk supplies, materials and unique, superb, elegant, vivid, bold momentum, as evidenced by the world-class art and culture created a craft supplies melt the best gifts.
The company in addition to the original color appears on the site and on the album page directory of the patented product, I and subsequent new patented product does not appear on the website and directories on the album, sincerely hope our customers a lot of contact, Mo lost the best opportunity to make money .